Amanda issued the following statement on the Roosevelt Park turf project:

Roosevelt Park is an important city asset enjoyed by families across Malden. A site challenged by chronic drainage issues, forcing sports cancellations and indoor recess at the adjacent Salemwood School – even days after it rains – Roosevelt is in dire need of upgrading. While synthetic turf is more resilient and fast-drying than grass, its crumb rubber composition poses concern among some residents who cite potentially adverse health effects.

As a member of the Malden Redevelopment Authority Board, I’ve asked for enhanced drainage and alternative, organic field materials to be explored, such as infill composed of cork, coconut fiber and shells. I believe the added cost of these more natural surface options will address the concerns of our community while ensuring the park and surrounding wetlands remain viable for years to come. Our children deserve this investment in their health and future.

Amanda believes better communication is needed among city officials and our public school communities, especially on issues that affect student life and health such as park refurbishment. Read more about her platform on schools here, and send her feedback and ideas on Roosevelt or any other park project by emailing