Amanda is a working mom, a homeowner in Malden since 2011, and a passionate advocate for more diverse voices in Malden’s city government. Amanda’s vision for Ward 3 is an inclusive, welcoming place where all voices count and where neighbors come together to envision and create a safe, healthy, affordable and vibrant community for our children to grow up in, and for future generations to enjoy.

With a professional background in communications and urban planning, Amanda has over a decade of experience in project leadership, budgeting, and management. She has worked across local, state, and regional government to bring innovative ideas and community-driven solutions to our most pressing problems, and she has brought that commitment to public service and effective outreach to the Malden City Council. Constituents in Ward 3expect a high level of community engagement, and Amanda delivers that with transparency, responsiveness, and a collaborative spirit. Her leadership style centers the voices of those who live here and places a great emphasis on empathy and building trust.

In addition to serving on the Malden City Council, Amanda is proud to serve as the Communications Director for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) in Boston, where she and her colleagues have partnered with Malden on open space, bike share, complete streets, education funding, addressing housing needs, clean energy, and advocacy on Beacon Hill. She previously served on the Board of Directors for the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA), working to create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, promote economic development, refurbish city parks, support public art, and create housing opportunities across Malden. She also worked as Editor of the Malden Observer from 2006 to 2008, and was an original member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Walkability in 2012. From 2014 to 2019, she was honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC), which serves Malden through bilingual housing counseling and financial literacy training, and which offers a growing youth program focused on placemaking, public art, public service and leadership mentoring.

Priority issues for Amanda include preserving Malden’s beautiful parks and trees, and finding ways to enhance recreation opportunities; effectively addressing traffic and parking challenges; making sure Ward 3’s streets and sidewalks are safe and accessible for all users, including those on foot, using cars, bikes, strollers and wheelchairs; and keeping Malden a welcoming place where everyone is valued and can find a safe, affordable home. Amanda believes our diversity is our strength, and that we need more voices in City Hall advocating for everyone who calls our community home.

As a public transit commuter and mom to a young Beebe School student, Amanda wants our schools, roads, parks, trains, buses and cultural institutions to have the resources they need to serve our community well. She is a proud partner to our leaders on the School Committee, in City Hall, and at the State House when it comes to communicating, getting results, and giving residents a say in the decisions that affect them.

Malden is in the midst of great change, with a record-breaking real estate market, many families moving to town, new stores and restaurants revitalizing our business areas, and the ongoing redevelopment of City Hall which has reconnected Pleasant Street and Malden Square to Ward 3 for the first time in a generation. The city has always been a great place to live, so it’s no surprise that renters, home buyers and small business owners have taken note of all Malden has to offer.

Now, with pandemic recovery and economic development more important than ever, Amanda’s voice on the Malden City Council will work for residents and advocate to make sure we can grow, adapt, and survive the COVID-19 era with strength and resilience.

Tell Amanda about your ideas for Ward 3 by e-mailing her directly at and by calling or texting 617-388-1556.