As a proud Beebe School parent, Amanda knows that Malden can only be as strong as its schools, and that public education is a community-wide responsibility. As Councillor, Amanda will actively engage with the School Committee and school administration and will advocate fiercely for the school budget so that our incredible educators have the resources they need to support every child.

Amanda will also fight for better communication between the schools, the city, and the community. Decisions around the length of recess, eliminating school bus service, changing school start times, hiring new staff, upgrading buildings and play areas, offering breakfast after the bell, updating the Kindergarten registration and orientation process, and managing after-school programming are all important areas where community members deserve information and a chance to weigh in.

Amanda supports efforts to provide child care for School Committee meetings; to digitize paper-only communication from schools; to find resources for upgrading our district web pages so families can find relevant and timely information about meetings, important deadlines, and events; and to build partnerships among school committee members, the city council, school councils and PTOs so we can all work together to share information and boost parent involvement.

Malden is fortunate to have many dedicated families committed to the future of our public schools, and Amanda will make sure they have a seat at the table when important issues are being raised, and that our schools offer ample opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect, engage, and lend their unique areas of expertise to the betterment of our learning environments. Every child should have access to the same educational resources regardless of which K-8 school they attend in Malden, and Amanda will work hard to make sure no grant is left unexplored, no volunteers are left waiting for an assignment, and no care giver feels disconnected from our school community.

As a parent and as a candidate, enrollment projections at every school are of utmost concern to Amanda, and she is carefully exploring options for alleviating crowding and addressing our demographic shifts in the district.

Amanda believes children deserve a central place on every political platform, and she will work tirelessly to ensure the needs of our next generation are at the forefront of our community planning. Child-friendly urban development is core to Amanda’s philosophy of grounding today’s policy decisions in the future we envision for our youngest residents. When we plan for the well-being of children, we plan for the good of everyone.