Civic engagement keeps elected officials responsive to community needs and wants, opens the doors of government to the public, and ensures transparency in decision making and policy development. With more than a decade of experience in public sector communication and outreach, Amanda has the skill set to improve the way our city government communicates with residents.

As Councillor, Amanda will:

  • Hold regular Ward 3 meetings where residents are invited to talk about what’s on their mind
  • Communicate regularly via social media and e-newsletter
  • Partner with the school committee to publicize district news & events
  • Advocate for greater translation of city materials so that every Malden resident can access the services they need
  • Push for childcare and in-language interpretation at important city meetings so that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in civic life
  • Support a requirement that all executive committee meeting minutes be reviewed at least every six months
  • Always return your call, because a Councillor pushing for accessible government should walk the walk. Amanda welcomes calls from Ward 3 residents on her cell phone at 617-388-1556.