The vacant Malden Hospital property presents a unique opportunity for Ward 3 and the City of Malden as a whole. Nestled along our shared boundary with Medford, the site has the potential to affect both the surrounding neighborhoods as well as the rest of our city when it comes to open space, preservation, economic development, affordable housing, transit access, recreation, schools, and roadways.

Amanda supports a redevelopment plan for the Malden Hospital site that values input from the community and focuses on bringing tangible benefits to Malden. As a West End resident and as a candidate for City Council, Amanda has engaged with both the Friends of Fellsmere Heights and the Fellsmere Housing Group / Melrose-Wakefield to learn about and better understand each group’s ideas for the site. Amanda believes a successful plan for the hospital site should incorporate both housing and open space, and must include strong resident input, benefits for the community, and a sustainable long-term management plan.

Amanda places a high importance on reducing car dependence for any future development at the site, and is already working with the MBTA and our legislative delegation to push for better bus service between the hospital area and Malden Center. She believes the site can support shuttle services similar to what is offered at River’s Edge on the Malden/Medford line along Commercial Street and the Malden River, and that any future site plan must include car-sharing, reduced parking minimums, EV charging stations, enhanced biking and walking infrastructure, and outdoor recreation opportunities such as a natural play areas, walking trails and lawn spaces open to the public. She envisions connecting the future hospital development to nearby Amerige Park and Fellsmere Pond, and will leverage state and local grant dollars to maintain, improve, and link all three spaces for an interconnected stretch of beautiful public amenities surrounded by well-maintained roads that are safe for all users.

Amanda recognizes that Malden Hospital is one of the greatest challenges and greatest opportunities facing the ward today, with potential to bring Malden revenue, preserve trees and green space, incorporate historical and cultural elements, add linkages to nearby parks and neighborhoods, to prevent our seniors and young people from being displaced from the community, and to deliver a lasting legacy that future generations can benefit from and take pride in.

While the city does not retain ownership of the property, it is clear after talking with countless Ward 3 residents on the campaign trail that the neighborhood has had enough indecision and inaction about the site, and they are looking for firm leadership to bring this stalemate to a resolution. With a background in strategic communications, community engagement, and neighborhood planning, Amanda is ready to solve this issue — with the collaborative leadership skills, successful relationships at all levels of local, state and regional government, and economic development knowledge required to get the job done.

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9/16/19 Read Amanda’s statement to Malden News Network on the future of Malden Hospital: